Month: January 2019

Dick DeVos Continues To Stay Busy With Improving Grand Rapids And The State Of Michigan

Dick DeVos is a billionaire entrepreneur who operates at one speed, and that one speed is very fast. When events take place in his home town that seem detrimental for its growth and happiness, he has always taken action. One such event occurred many years ago, in 1991, when the city was considering building a multi-purpose sports arena and convention center north of the downtown region of Grand Rapids, Michigan. The plan had been released to the public, and DeVos made the decision to pick up the telephone and begin a lobbying effort against the idea.


At the time, Dick DeVos was on his way to becoming the chief executive officer of Amway, and he was concerned that the arena and convention center would harm the downtown area of Grand Rapids. The same thing had happened many years ago in Detroit when the Pontiac Silverdome and Palace of Auburn Hills was built. The arena seemed like a good idea then, too, but that was before the city’s sports teams, the Lions and the Pistons, left the city. DeVos was not about to let that happen to Grand Rapids.


During his campaigning against the sports arena, Dick DeVos got together with many different business leaders. He eventually helped to put together the group known as Grand Action. This group has continued to be a good thing for the city as it has been a part of the construction of a spread of buildings in the city. These buildings include Van Andel Arena, the medical school at Michigan State University, and the DeVos Place Convention Center. The city has Grand Action and DeVos to thank for improving its offerings, but this is not all he has done.


Dick DeVos was also responsible for putting Grand Rapids on the map as he convinced AirTran to offer flights at its Gerald R. Ford International Airport. He did so just months before the company was acquired by Southwest. After the acquisition, Southwest was considering slowing down its flights in Grand Rapids or pulling out, altogether. That was before DeVos called the company up and convinced them to stay and to also increase the number of flights running out of the city’s airport. Southwest now offers nonstop flights out of the Gerald R. Ford International Airport.


Dick DeVos has also been a large part of efforts to overhaul the educational system in the state of Michigan. He has been working with his wife, Betsy DeVos, to expand charter schools in the state. Over the last three decades, the couple’s charitable organization, the Dick & Betsy DeVos Family Foundation has donated more than $138 million to many different causes. The bulk of the foundation’s giving has been directed towards educational reform and especially policy initiatives that promote this. DeVos also started up The West Michigan Aviation Academy, which now has 600 students in attendance. He created the school because of his love of the aviation industry, and he hopes that it will help to inspire younger students who aspire to become pilots.


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Victoria Doramus Becomes a Skilled Marketing Strategist and Trends Analyst after Battling Drug Addiction

Victoria Doramus is a skilled trends analyst and brand development manager. She has worked with various marketing companies and helped them to develop useful products that have contributed to the growth of the industry in multiple ways. Being a former drug addict, she encountered many challenges including being dysfunctional when she was just 26 years old. In her article posted on Medium, Doramus says that she went through the three stages of battling drug addiction namely the addiction, recovery as well as the relapse. She hit rock bottom. She however aspired to be clean after episodes of wanting always to stay high.

Substance addiction has many facets. It also changes many aspects of the user’s life thereby leaving a huge mess that needs cleaning. It can contribute to various health implications, legal problems. And brain chemistry. It can also cause death. Like many others, she says, Doramus started using drugs at a tender age because she thought they would always make her feel better. They, however, only made her worse by causing more harm than good. Having recovered from substance addiction, she uses her life experiences with individuals who are facing the same issues. She hopes to change their lives.

Financial Problems

Her addiction cost her everything including her job. She sold personal use items to purchase drugs. Not only does substance abuse drain a person but also contributes to the loss of friends.

Job Opportunities

Employers want to work with skilled individuals who can put in the work. When taking drugs, your ability to make a better judgment is impaired. Doramus couldn’t keep up with the responsibilities of her tasks at work. Therefore, she lost her job only to gain more employment opportunities when she checked into rehab and started living a different life.

Today, Victoria Doramus is an experienced marketer with specialization in trend analysis. She understands the global market as well as shopper retail trends. She also comprehends the media industry and the development of creative work in companies such as Creative Arts Agency and Stila Cosmetics. She has assisted these companies to invest in multiple high-end brands that have benefited clients.