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PSI Pay, Delivering The Convenience Of A Global Digital Wallet

PSI Pay is a mobile payment system offering many of the same benefits as regular banking. The benefits provided are what’s referred to as a “digital wallet.” Digital wallet users have access to a fast, secure method to pay for goods and services. Thus, eliminating the hassles of driving to a bricks and mortar building to conduct offline financial transactions. PSI Pay can be regarded as the future of contactless payment systems for both online and offline use. It serves the same purpose as carrying a wallet or purse filled with debit and credit cards. But instead of having to fish out separate plastic cards to complete purchases, everything is conveniently linked to one digital wallet. Currently, digital wallets are used by Europeans more on a daily basis than Americans. In an International survey, it was observed that Europeans prefer contactless point of sale transactions (POS).


To transfer money digitally requires a simple transaction to deposit funds into the digital wallet account. Once established, digital wallets are used much like prepaid debit cards; users can make purchases any and everywhere mobile payments are accepted. In Europe, there’s a large percentage of merchants that offer contactless checkouts. However, for Europeans a cautionary measure is needed for those who carry large cash balances. In general, customers of American financial institutions are protected by the The Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC). As of yet, the European Union doesn’t offer a similar type of cash insurance. And another thing to consider is that unlike banks, digital wallets’ cash balances do not accumulate daily interest. Many digital wallet providers offer users with high balances customer related reward incentives. These incentives vary, according to the provider.


As a global digital wallets provider, PSI Pay is a Fintech Company and it does offer regulatory oversight protection by the UK Financial Conduct Authority. With this assurance, many customers have switched from conventional checking accounts to PSI Pay. In 2015 alone, the company acknowledged a growth rate of 30 percent. That is a rise in new customer accounts, a number which is projected to continually increase. In 2016, to make it even more convenient for customers to pay at checkout, PSI Pay announced the debut of the first ever global payment ring. The ring is in partnership with MasterCard Worldwide and is accepted by 38 million merchant.


Sightsavers: Creating A Brighter Tomorrow

Sightsavers, an international non-governmental organization, is back in the news again. This particular organization has been around since the 1950s, and it has helped millions of people throughout the years. Sightsavers has just reached an unprecedented achievement in the West African nation of Ghana. Living in such poor and underprivileged conditions certainly has its setbacks. The people of Ghana has been known to suffer with an infectious-eye disease that’s known as trachoma. This particular disease starts out as an eye infection and if left untreated, the infection can cause blindness. The eyelashes tend to turn in an inward motion and every time a person blinks his/her eye, the eyelids will scrape against the eye.

This medical condition is very painful as it scars the eye overtime. Sightsavers is one of the most progressive organizations in the world, and it has been a part of over 379,000 projects. The numbers are very staggering when being viewed on paper. Trachoma is very infectious as it can spread via clothing, handshaking and bedding. This medical illness comes from poor sanitation and a lack of clean water. Flies are the main carrier of the disease and there are literally millions of flies that thrive under these dyer conditions. In most cases, women and children tend to get this disease more so than men. Many African nations suffer with trachoma, but Ghana ranks at the top of the list. Sightsavers has been working in Africa since 1954, and it has been able to provide high-quality surgeries and antibiotics.

Donations play a huge role in the success of this program. Pfizer, a global leader in pharmaceuticals, has donated Zithromax tablets to effectively treat the disease. As you can see, the fight against trachoma is ongoing, but there are much brighter days ahead for the people of Ghana.

Sean Penn Creates Bob Honey Who Just Do Stuff

Sean Penn has worked in many creative formats. He is well known as an actor, director, the former husband of the phenomenon that is Madonna, and now he has demonstrated that his creativity extends to the written word. Penn’s first novel is called Bob Honey Who Just Do Stuff and the work is winning accolades from sources ranging from Sarah Silverman to Salman Rushdie. The book takes a look at the issues of our time, from a president called “Mr. Landlord” to the #metoo movement. In his first novel, Penn seeks to express his political engagement through his protagonist’s antics and adventures.


At the age of fifty-seven, when many creative types are content to rest on past successes and to reprise the triumphs of earlier times, Penn is forging new ground with his writing. As he told Rolling Stone magazine, “What surprised me was why I hadn’t done it sooner.” Talking with Marc Maron of the WTF with Marc Maron Podcast, Penn discusses his attraction to and reasons for delving into the world of literature. “It’s more of a conversation about where I feel I can be productive,” he says, claiming that he’s ready to embrace the solitary literary lifestyle and commitment that writing entails.


Penn explains that he fell in love with acting in the 70s. However, he has recently become tired of how the film industry has become more commercial. He is also tired of how the movie industry influences individuals’ views of society, and how the current state of media and film has “image builders” at the forefront of the scene. Therefore, it makes perfect sense that Penn would create a novel that “gleefully skewers our culture’s worship of the notion of branding,” which is an assessment from Vogue magazine regarding Bob Honey Who Just Do Stuff. “Let’s just say I’ve got somethin’ cookin’,” Penn said, when Vogue inquired about a sequel. With his hints about another novel in the pipeline, Penn seems committed to the writing lifestyle. As he told Maron, “I’m ready for the writer’s life with my golden retriever sitting there.”

Why Does Robert Deignan Want to Help You?

Since graduating Purdue University in 1995 with a Bachelor’s Degree in Organizational Leadership, Robert Deignan has been helping people and organizations protect, maintain, and manage their computer systems.

As an entrepreneur, he founded his first business just three years out of school called Fanlink. He worked at it for over two years before it was dissolved in 2001.

But, his experience and know-how landed him a position as executive vice president of iS3, Inc. in the same year. At iS3, Inc. he worked as executive vice president, where the company focused on digital security, computer optimization, and technical support.

After working there for over nine years Robert Deignan left iS3, Inc. and co-founded Advanced Tech Support (ATS) Digital Services in 2011. It’s a one-stop shop for homes and small businesses that need computer technical support. Customers can call for service 24/7 and receive technical support through the telephone or through remote access screen sharing technology.

Later, the company was dubbed Advanced Tech Support (ATS) Digital Services. And, Deignan has made good customer service the cornerstone of his business.

The company has spread globally with offices in Australia, New Zealand, the UK, Ireland, and other countries. Yet, Robert Deignan pushed for more, resulting in ATS Digital Services being the first call center to be certified by AppEsteeem. Deignan says:

“Comprehensive, consumer-focused compliance is the backbone of our organization. When we started the review process in January, we discovered that we already met most of AppEsteem’s requirements. From there, it was a simple decision to commit ourselves, get certified, and send a signal to software vendors, security companies, and regulators that we operate at the very highest level when it comes to consumer-friendly operations and practices.”

Why does work so hard for his customers? We may never know. But, aren’t we lucky he does?

Jim Larkin Knew the Union Was the Answer

When Jim Larkin started pushing to make the union something he could use to get better, he felt his career would depend on the union and everything that the union did. He always made sure to give people the chances they needed for success and that’s how he made a good decision about what he was doing to help others. There were times when Jim Larkin felt it was a good idea to always show people what they could do. It helped them continue growing and helped make Jim Larkin know he did the right thing. Everything that happened was a direct result of the hard work Jim Larkin put into things. The opportunities Jim Larkin had made a difference and made it easier for people to see what could happen if they made the right choices. Jim Larkin always wanted others to see what they could do and how everything could keep getting better.


Between working in Ireland and the United States, Jim Larkin made sure he was doing everything right. He had a lot of hope for the future and that helped him make things better for everyone. He also hoped everything would keep getting better as long as the unions saw success. The unions always looked out for the people and pushed to make it easier for employees who didn’t have a chance in the past. Jim Larkin saw this as his way of making an impact and giving back to others who didn’t know what to do or how they could get help.


Thanks to the hard work he did, people could see positive experiences in the future. They could also get more money from the companies. The union made it so companies couldn’t keep exploiting employees who needed help. They didn’t have to worry any longer about the things that were happening or the problems that people had. While Jim Larkin knew how to make things easier for others, they felt it was important to keep growing and giving back. He followed the tradition people had of helping others and always used that when crusading for the unions.

All About Lori Senecal

Lori Senecal, a well-known person with marketing and advertisement skills is a pioneer in areas regarding the development of innovative advertisement techniques. With her robust personality, she has specialized in technology involving innovations so that to be able to bring solutions to business challenges.


Her credibility in worldwide advertisement all started when working with CP+B as the Global CEO. She also worked for KBS as its Global executive chairperson. The ingredients of making her a successful person is because, in whatever she does, she doesn’t stay at comfort zone. While working for KBS, she had a chance to expand the company’s global vision with her work being a great contribution to its rapid growth.


Having attended McGill University, she was able to attain a degree. Lori Senecal also worked as the president in New York office for McCann Erickson where she was able to help different companies to become successful like coca-cola and Xbox with their advertising campaigns.


She can speak French fluently and what she believes is that great style is similar to a great advertisement. She is recognized with the unique style, relentless ability and creative talent as a focus to challenges. Lori also had put her effort in campaigns of American Express, Victory Secret Pink, BMW, Boar’s Head and also vanguard giant companies helped her to become an advertisement Branding queen.


Senecal had decided to leave CP+B after having achieved great for the company. Porter had brought Senecal to the shop because they were really in need of her services. They referred to her being a genius in management and skills in organizations. She left the shop paying better than porter thought will ever pay. Even after Senecal left, they have never lost any client since she had started working for CP+B. That can be called mindblogging. Check out



Despite Senecal leaving, the organization also had another blow when it’s United Kingdom Richard Pinder left. He was acting as the chief leading the organization in the United Kingdom and international division.


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Clayton Hutson Helps Bands with Musical Vision

Since Clayton Hutson is a sound engineer, he knows there are things he can do that help bands sound better. He makes a point of giving them a chance to try different things and also does the best job he can at making everything work for himself and for other people who are a big part of the company. There are things that can give Clayton Hutson the chance to make the music industry better and he knew this when he started. For Clayton Hutson, the point of providing people with musical engineering is so their music sounds good no matter where they’re at or what they’re doing.


When bands like Halsey use Clayton Hutson as a sound engineer, they know they’re doing the right thing for their sound. They also know their fans love how they sound. Since people can hear the music better because of the sound engineer, they get more from the show they go to see. Halsey and Staind both knew this when they started doing work with Clayton Hutson. They also knew he was someone who could help them in different situations no matter what issues they had with sound in the past.


Sound engineers often work with people in the studio. Clayton Hutson knew this and also knew he could do more than just working in the studio. Instead of just helping produce the music while they’re making it, Clayton Hutson also helps artists by following them around to different venues. He shows them what they can get and how they can make sure they sound the best they can. He works with different artists to come up with new sounds so no artist sounds the same even if they’re at the same venue. He makes a point of showing people they can do more with the right music. Learn more:


While Clayton Hutson knows what he’s doing, he doesn’t try to produce the music. Instead, he lets the artists come up with all the music choices they have. He spends his time trying to show them that things will get better with his help, but he doesn’t want to make the actual music. For Clayton Hutson, enhancing the music is the best part of the job. He also likes showing people they can have a better sound if they use the sound engineering techniques he uses. It’s his goal of giving back to these artists that help him become better every time he helps someone.


Heal and Soothe Brings Safe, Natural Relief from Joint Pain

For those who suffer from chronic back and joint pain, finding a remedy that is both effective and non-habit forming is of the utmost importance. Living Well Nutriceuticals has formulated an all-natural supplement to combat arthritis, back, and joint pain, as well as the inflammation that can exascerbate these and other painful conditions. It is called Heal and Soothe.

Heal and Soothe’s list of 100% natural ingredients can be found prominently displayed on each package. The company ensures that all ingredients, along with the amount of each one contained, is fully transparent. These ingredients include:

  • Vitamin E (45 I.U): Known for its powerful effects as an antioxidant, Vitamin E also reportedly lowers high blood pressure and keeps cholesterol levels at their healthiest.
  • Bromelain (3 ml): A natural pineapple extract, studies have shown it to be effective in reducing swelling and inflammation. It has also been shown to be helpful in removing toxins from the bloodstream.
  • Devil’s Claw (30 mg): Shown to alleviate pain by reducing swelling.
  • Ginger (150 mg): Reduces inflammation and relieves nausea. Ginger has been shown to decrease certain prostaglandins, which cause pain.
  • Turmeric Extract (60 mg): One of the strongest antioxidants known, it has been shown to destroy the free radicalsresponsible for inflammation and even for some types of cancer.
  • Boswellia (150 mg): A popular ingredient in Indian medications, this ingredient is known for promoting healthy blood circulation and as an effective anti-inflammatory agent.
  • L-glutathione (6 mg): Said to be the most powerful of all known antioxidants.
  • Systematic Enzymes (382 mg): A supercompound featuring Papain, Bromelain. Protease AM 6.0, and Alkalin Protease.

Together these ingredients workl to treat each and every aspect of the components that cause joint, back, and arthritia pain. The systematic enzymes can naturally differentiate between “good” prostaglandins that aid in healing and “bad” ones which cause inflammation and vbring suffering. They are also instrumental in flushing toxins fromt he blood and actually fending off viruses.

The fact that these are all natural, completely organic ingredients means that they are safe from addictive properties. They have been studied and shown to deliver no unpleasant or dangerous side effects whatsoever. These traits make Heal and Soothe exponentially safer and more desirable as a remedy than synthetic compounds which often cause dependency issues.

Heal and Soothe may be obtained online from The Healthy Back Institute ( A one-month free trial supply (a $59 value) is available by paying only a $9.95 shipping and handling fee.

Intellectual Property Strategy and Making a Name Like Paul Herdsman

One of the most effective methods for success in the world of the entrepreneur is called the intellectual property strategy. One of the reasons that this works is because this involves coming up with an idea that is revolutionary. One of the best forms of the intellectual property strategy is using something that can be generalized for the public. Paul Herdsman has used this strategy in order to bring his business to life. However, one very notable example comes with sound. Ray Dolby has invented something that has revolutionized sound and entertainment with noise reduction. This has started something that has changed motion picture and entertainment forever.

There are also plenty of other strategies that can be used for entrepreneurial success. The only important aspect of the strategy is that word is spread about the company. One of the most important things to do as a marketer is to make oneself known. Paul Herdsman has made himself known with anything he does. At the same time, he has made sure that he has a positive image that can be used for marketing. These are the most important factors to the success of the entrepreneur.

Among the other strategies that can be used for success is choosing between collaboration or competition. While it would be good to be able to collaborate, there are times when it is important to compete. It is sometimes important for the business to be able to compete for the lion’s share of a trend. For instance, if a new product is coming out, one of the best things to do is market and gain as much of an audience as possible in order to beat out any other marketers when it comes to selling the new item. This is one example of having to compete for success.

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Achievements of Vinod Gupta

Institutions of higher learning in India have been ranked by the National Institutional Ranking Framework (NIRF) whereby it was previously done by the Ministry of Human Resource Development (MHRD). The ranking is done in consideration of the “Research and Professional Practices,” “Teaching, Learning and Resources,” “Outreach and Inclusivity,” “Graduation Outcomes” and “Perception.”

Based on the ranking that was recently done the Vinod Gupta School of Management (VGSoM) at IIT Kharagpur was position seven. The Vinod Gupta School of Management had the best scores in the graduation outcomes where it had 76.82 out of 100. The school had the best results in the graduations outcomes since the ranking considered entrepreneurship, higher studies, university examinations, median salary, and the number of graduating students and also PhD students that graduate from the school.

The IIT Kharagpur has a vast area of disciplines, and that contributed to its top-ranked during the ranking process. The VGSoM was established as the first school of management in 1993 where the Vinod Gupta who graduated from IIT Kharagpur had an excellent vision for the school to provide technical and management training to students. The school provides a program such as MBA, Executive MBA, and PhD all in management and the good news is that the institution is increasingly growing.
However, Mr Vinod Gupta was born in Rampur Manhyaran in 1946. The place of his birth is a village since it lacks roads, electricity, water, cars, television or even toilets. He earned his degree in agricultural engineering from IIT Kharagpur in 1967. Finally, he was able to get admission at the University of Nebraska, Lincoln in the departments of agricultural engineering through assistantship program. At that time the family was not able to afford his plane ticket, and they had to borrow.

After graduating, Vinod Gupta ventured into the business market and successfully worked with various organizations. Moreover, he participates in philanthropic works where he supports education thus making a great contribution towards institutions.

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