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Wen By Chaz Offers A Wide Assortment Of Hair Care Products

Are you interested in a hair care product that is going to make your hair healthy but that is also smelling good and not just your everyday, run of the mill hair shampoo? If so, Wen by LA stylist Chaz Dean has something you might be interested in. The Wen Bamboo Green Tea products are something more unique that also works to cleanse your hair while making it more beautiful and healthy.


The cleansing Bamboo Green Tea cleansing conditioner is something that works on all hair types and can be used with various other Wen hair care products. If you want to give your hair the best opportunity to be healthy, the replenishing treatment mist can be used in conjunction with the cleansing conditioner. The replenishing mist is going to use bamboo water as a base for the mist that is then combined with Tea leaves to rebuild your hair from the inside out.


Another popular choice on QVC stores for Wen by Chaz is the Mandarin Italian Fig. It will use amino acids combined to help provide your hair with the vitamins and minerals that it might be missing from day to day use of shampoo’s and hair styling products. The use of the Mandarin Fig daily is going to help to bring out the elasticity in your hair along with the shine that you might lack from the damage already done to your hair.


If you are someone who has allergies to perfumes and dyes, the Wen Fragrance Free Rice based blend of cleansing conditioner is going to help to bring out the very best in your hair without adding any active allergens to your hair product line. The Amazon sold Almond Treatment is also a good alternative for people with dry hair. The number of people who suffer from day to day allergies will appreciate the thought that went into the Wen by Chaz hair product which uses no fragrances to make your hair smell better every day.

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Jeunesse Global: Products to Help You Stay Fit

Jeunesse Global is a worldwide company that was founded on September 9 in 2009. The company offers a wide range of products that are designed to help those who use them look and feel younger. The people at Jeunesse Global want people to feel good about themselves, and their products help enhance a feeling of well being. Jeunesse Global is involved in several philanthropic projects that are devoted to helping children.

At Jeunesse Global, one of the important products that is available is the Zen Bodi line. This is a program that is designed to help those who use it lose weight and keep the weight off in the long run.

The Zen Project 8 system has three important phases called detox, ignite and thrive. In the detox phase, those using the system are encouraged to stop eating and drinking those items that can cause water retention. The goal in this phase is to clean out the impurities in the system. One of the main ways of doing this is by drinking a lot of water. During the detox phase, users will take products like Zen Prime which uses milk thistle and other supplements to cleanse the body.

The second phase in the Zen Project 8 system is ignite. In this phase, it is time to burn fat and start losing weight. Two product used in this phase are Zen Shape capsules and Zen Fuze shakes. In this phase, there is a lot of exercise.

The final phase of Zen Project 8 is thrive. Zen Fit is the product used in this phase. Zen Fit is a fruit punch that is packed with vital amino acids. Zen Fit provides energy, and helps to maintain weight loss.

With the Zen Bodi products, users have the opportunity to lose weight and feel younger. It requires effort. With products from Jeunesse Global, a younger look and feel can happen.