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The Real Estate Property Development Guru Transforming Real Estate in UAE

The Real Estate Property Development Guru Transforming Real Estate in UAE

DAMAC Properties Chairman, Hussein Sajwani is a renowned entrepreneur. His Dubai-based real estate development company, founded in 2002, has since risen from a simple real estate business to luxury real estate development. His company has turned heads with its extravagant marketing strategies such as offering free Lamborghinis and Bentleys to apartment buyers.

However, what many people do not realize is that he actually started out with a humble food business. From there he advanced to catering for the United States military and construction giants- Bechtel. Hussein Sajwani got into the food business way back in 1980. His business included supplying and catering food to workers in the energy sector in Abu Dhabi.

Today, Hussein Sajwani has an impressive net worth of over two Billion dollars. Perhaps what is even more outstanding is his connections to world leaders such as the Emir of Dubai as well as the president of the United States, Donald Trump.

A firm and promising relationship exists between Donald Trump and Hussein Sajwani. In fact, only recently in 2013, the two collaborated in developing two Trump-branded glamorous golf courses in Dubai. The Trump International Course Dubai has turned heads due to its luxurious design and implementation. The two are set to further their business relationship by collaborating their real estate development companies, DAMAC and The Trump Organization. The two are set on embarking on a mutually profitable real-estate project together.

When he is not working, Hussein Sajwani is a philanthropist. One of his most charitable actions was donating two million dollars for the noble cause of clothing deprived children around the world through AED. This was a Ramadan initiative launched by His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice-President and Prime Minister of the UAE and Ruler of Dubai.

DAMAC was founded following the amendment of Dubai laws which allowed foreigners to own property in Dubai. the company is a testament to Hussein Sajwani’s ability to seize opportunities as well as cultivate friendships with people in high places. DAMAC is set to take advantage of the recovery of UAE property prices. In fact, the company is currently considering to go public.

Stream Energy Puts Dallas at the Forefront of Texas Charities

Stream Energy is a company that has kept a philanthropic attitude part of their organization for over a decade. But with so much activity on the charity front the time came when the company could no longer manage it without proper structure. Stream Energy is now announcing the formation of a new foundation, Stream Cares, which will formalize the energy company’s philanthropy in the state of Texas and beyond.

To keep up with where the company is now, Stream Cares will extend its work with other foundations in an effort to address issues of concern to local communities. Charity is rather common for American businesses. Data collected in 2016 found that charitable donations from companies totaled $19 billion. This does not include funds directed at marketing in support of philanthropic causes, sponsorships, or the donations coming directly from employees. But a charitable foundation within a company is uncommon.

In addition to the good work Stream Cares will be capable of, Stream Energy is looking to its foundation to reinforce their public image as a company that actually cares about the quality of life of their present and prospective customers.

Habitat for Humanity and the Red Cross are just a couple of national organizations that Stream Cares has developed a working relationship. While important to have the support of bigger charities, this company is looking to work with grassroots groups, those that excite workers’ interest in giving back to the communities where they live.

In the city of Dallas, homelessness has been a progressively worsening problem. In this city, homelessness has seen a 24% increase and Stream Energy has played a part in helping people off the street.

Hope Supply Co., a charity dedicated to address homelessness in Northern Texas, got together with Stream Cares to host A Splash of Hope. At this event, 1,000 homeless children were invited to a day at a local water park to spend the day with friends and Stream employees. They also received financial aid and much needed supplies like clothes and diapers.

Texas has been in need of something like Stream Cares for quite some time. When comparing states across the country, Texas easily falls into the category of least charitable. With this foundation Stream Energy can stand as an example to the business community of Texas in a way that encourages giving from those with the means to do so.

A Memoir of Peter Briger, One of Forbes’ Top 400 Business Executive

Peter Briger is a respected figure in the financial industry. He is a trained business administrator who has managed major financial companies, real estate firms, as well as private equity businesses.

Educational Background

Mr. Briger has a bachelor’s degree in Arts and a master’s degree in business administration. He pursued his undergraduate at Princeton University and the postgraduate degree at the University of Pennsylvania.

Mr. Briger’s career background

Briger started his administrative career in 1996 when Goldman Sachs appointed him as one of its partners, a role he served for 15 years. Besides the partnership position, Mr. Briger served as the financial giant’s Global Control and Compliance committee member.

At present, Mr. Briger is the co-chairman of Fortress Investment Group LLC, an investment consultancy headquartered in New York City. Mr. Briger supervises a team of 300 experts who specialize in real estate, as well as undervalued and distressed assets. He has served Fortress for 12 years.

Peter Briger’s top accomplishments

Mr. Briger is one of the business executives listed on Forbes’ top 400. He is ranked among the world’s respected business figures like Jeff Bezos, Mark Zuckerberg, Bill Gates, Chris Larsen, Lynsi Snyder, and Drew Houston.

Forbes 400 is an annual list that features United States’ wealthiest citizens. Most of the people who appear on the list have exceptional entrepreneurial energy topped with bizarre managerial skills.

Besides appearing in Forbes’ 400, Mr. Briger’s exceptional managerial skills contributed to the growth of Goldman Sachs.

Peter Briger’s philanthropic activities

Aside from his administrative career, Mr. Briger volunteers in charity organizations helping the disadvantaged citizens. He supports the Central Park Conservancy, a New York-based not for profit environmental conservancy.

Besides the Central Park Conservancy, Mr. Briger volunteers in the Silicon Valley’s Global Fund for children. The global organization supports charities that help kids from disadvantaged communities. Currently, the Global Fund for Children supports over 600 charity organizations.

Moreover, Peter Briger works as a committee member of the Council of Foreign Relations, Caliber Schools, and Tipping Point. These charity organizations work to advance the living standards of the underprivileged citizens around the world.