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Lime Crime Founder Doe Deere

At first glance, Doe Deere does not look like your typical CEO. Her hair is a very revealing pastel color. Her makeup is bold, dazzling, and sparks the imagination. You will probably never find Deere wearing anything that is drab or boring. Still, this young woman is a very successful entrepreneur and the founder of the Lime Crime Cosmetics Company. The Russian born beauty is also a big supporter of other women entrepreneurs. In addition, Deere would like to share her beginnings with others to inspire those that are thinking about starting their own little venture.


Getting Started

Doe Deere actually comes from a fashion background. She landed in New York and attended FIT in New York. Of course, her major was fashion design. Certainly, the lessons learned in the fashion school helped to shape and mold the young mind of Doe Deere. During that time, Deere was in a band too. However, during that time, it was difficult to find a makeup line to fit her personality. In 2008, she decided to launch her own colorful, and magical cosmetic line. It is also important to note that Lime Crime Cosmetics are animal cruelty free too.


On A Mission

Doe Deere was on a mission to create her own line of dazzling makeup in colors that were unique to the makeup market at the time. She is a very hands on person and had a part in the creation of every lipstick, eye shadow, or fingernail polish that you see in their line of makeup. Doe Deere started out in a small way. The makeup industry was very competitive and many thought that it was foolish to enter a market that was already saturated with so many lines of makeups. Still, Doe Deere held on to her vision and her mission to create a makeup line filled with vivid and bright colors.


Doe Deere’s Part In Lime Crime

Doe Deere would like everyone to know that she is a very hands on CEO. Deere works diligently to make sure that all the departments at Lime Crime are operating smoothly. She works closely with creating new products, she’s heavily involved in the marketing department, and enjoys keeping up with current events on social media pages. One of her guilty pleasures is closing the office door at Lime Crime and brainstorming with the Chief Creative Officer. This is the way new products are introduced at Lime Crime. Deere would also like her customers to realize that her part does not stop at that point. She test every product on herself, before letting it go into production.


New Trends

Doe Deere also states that she is very excited by the new generation of shoppers. They are changing the way that retailers and buyers interact. The new generation is more attuned to shopping digitally than visiting a brick and mortar store. It is also interesting to note that Lime Crime was one of the first truly digital e-commerce makeup lines. Clearly, Lime Crime was way before their time.


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