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OSI Group Becomes one of the World’s Leading Food Providers

Entrepreneurship is not a casual endeavor. Therefore, building a successful business means devoting yourself to the objective you plan to accomplish in the company. Irrespective of the challenges you might encounter while handling your business, setting it aside is not a solution. It can lead it to a slippery slope. For that reason, it is crucial to organize yourself by setting clear goals and dedicating yourself to the fruition of your ideas. Perhaps the case of OSI Group fits the example of a company that was started on a shaky foundation but gained stability over time.

Describing OSI Group

OSI Group is an American-based company that manufactures meat products. The firm was started in 1909 by Otto Kolschowsky, an immigrant from German. He settled in Chicago before starting the small business that supplied meat to the populace. With time, he learned that there was a growing demand for meat and animal protein. Therefore, he moved the business to Maywood, Chicago. This is a suburb with a more significant population. As the market grew, technology advanced. The company would later adapt Cryogenic food processing for meat preservation. With time, Otto and his sons became prominent for supplying quality meats.

Different Inventions

Throughout its growth and development, OSI Group experienced some economic changes after the World War I and II. Modern suburbs also started sprouting across different cities. Most companies spent time indulging in innovations unleashed in various sectors. Consequently, a new alliance was formed. Otto Kolshowksy continued to expand his family business by incorporating new ideas into the company.

Growth and Development

Ray Kroc went ahead to open a McDonald’s restaurant in Des Plaines. While at it, he also served as a franchise agent for the co-founders of McDonald’s businesses. The branch at Des Plaines marked the first expansion step towards growing the franchise model. This was a new concept in America. Before delving into that project, he signed a contract with Mr. Kolschowsky and his sons. They were going to be the first suppliers of fresh beef to the fast food restaurant. That business deal marked the onset of global expansion for the manufacturing firm.

Global Expansion

In the next two decades, Otto and Sons started transitioning into an international food provider of meat. Through some core elements borrowed from Kroc’s business, Otto managed to supply the required products to different clients. That grew the business. The clients were satisfied. Today, the company goes by the name of OSI Group. It is a leading food services provider across the world.