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Rocketship Mission Expands

In 2006, Rocketship began their mission with opening K-5 charter schools in San Jose, California. These schools want to do more than deliver an elementary education but a college preparatory one. They serve children from an low-income and diverse neighborhood, which means typically 90% free lunch and 75% English as a Second Language.

Their mission and philosophy is to eliminate the achievement gap and help students get the opportunity to go to college. Through a unique blend on traditional classroom instruction and adaptive learning technology, students receive a cutting-edge experience and excellent educational experience. Some of the individualized tech that Rocketship currently uses I-Ready, Dreambox Learning, and Accelerated Reader 360.

Rocketship believes that schools can do more than education, but they can transform the communities. Through their volunteer and community engagement activities, they have reinvested in their communities, especially when disaster strikes. They fully understand that the home lives need to be stable to encourage their students academic success.

This success is catching on, and Rocketship has expanded from California to Nashville. They have been approved to open schools in other areas, like Washington, DC and New Orleans. In 2017, Rocketship expects to serve approximately 25,000 students. The success is spreading!

Rocketship hopes to create more than just a college bound person but a good human being. One way is through their core value and one activity that caught on was “gratitude grams.” For seven days, students were given a half sheet of paper with a person’s name on it. The student was to write a sentence of appreciation, thanking the student for something they did. The gratitude spread and helped to create a positive culture. A community of positive culture and creating a safe environmental are two ways that Rocketship helps to encourage students to come to school and stay in school.