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Executive Mike Nierenberg Offers REIT Investors Something Different

New Residential Investment Corp. is a REIT (Real Estate Investment Trust) that was founded in 2011. It really took off and started being profitable when Mike Nierenberg joined this firm as an executive in November 2013. He came on board as the chief executive officer and president and in May 2016 was also named as the new chairman of the board. He had been involved in real estate investing for all of his professional career before joining New Residential Investment Corp. Mike Nierenberg had been highly involved in the real estate business of several investment firms including Lehman Brother, Bear Stearns, JP Morgan, and Bank of America Merrill Lynch.

There are many REITs to choose from and everybody who invests in these needs to find the right one for themselves. Mike Nierenberg has positioned New Residential Investment Corp. as a firm that invests almost solely in residential real estate. They will buy properties and then manage them so that costs are contained. These properties are spread across the United States and are selected according to their ability to provide long-term and reliable cash flow.

Mike Nierenberg says that more than one-third of families in America would like to own a home but can’t do so. Over the past 13 years the level of homeownership has dropped to its lowest level in 20 years. The Millennial Generation, made up of those currently 18-34, is around 100 million people. Only 35 percent of them are homeowners due to overwhelming student loan debt and other circumstances.

Because of Mike Nierenberg’s efforts his company is not a typical REIT. They are a mortgage REIT which means that his company does not invest in hotels, malls, or apartments. The instead invest in mortgages and other real estate securities. He hedges this investment by buying interest rate sensitive securities. This allows his company to make money regardless of interest rates and provides a good level of dividends to his company’s investors.

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Nitin Khanna: A Young and Successful Mergers and Acquisitions Entrepreneur

Nitin Khanna is an example of someone who worked hard and took the risk to become successful in the end. He is considered as an inspiring entrepreneur who is based in Portland, Oregon, and his business centered in investment banking and mergers and acquisitions became an instant hit, creating new clients and business partners all over the country as discussed in detail here. At a young age, he was able to establish his tech company, and being an immigrant did not stop him from pursuing his dreams.

Born and raised in India, he dreamed of moving into the United States someday to become a businessman. During his childhood, his parents sent him to The Lawrence School, one of the most prestigious schools in India. His parents worked hard for them to be able to immigrate to the United States, and Nitin Khanna went to Purdue University to take up a bachelor’s and master’s degree specializing in industrial engineering. After he graduated from college, he thought about establishing his own business, and mergers and acquisitions came to his mind, knowing that it could be his ticket to success. In 2009, he established MergerTech and led the company as its chief executive officer. Nitin Khanna describes MergerTech as a technology bank that provides advice to startups and other companies about their plans to undergo merger and acquisition. The personalized advice formulated by Nitin Khanna helps businesses decide about what they wanted to do with their business and their decision about its future.

Through the years of managing the company, Nitin Khanna was able to distinguish businesses that are willing to pay him more. He stated that non-US and non-tech companies are more likely to pay him more to get their hands on a US-based tech startup. Through this realization, he was able to advice several foreign companies about their next move on buying US-based tech companies. WPP, an ad agency from the United Kingdom, and BBVA, a banking institution from Spain, are among the companies that managed to own US-based tech companies, thanks to MergerTech. The success of his business model provided Nitin Khanna with new sets of ideas on where he should be focusing next.

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Making Organo Gold Part of Your Coffee Culture

What is coffee culture? Coffee culture is a culture that views drinking coffee as a lifestyle or a way to socialize. Coffee culture has been around since the 14th century when Turkey started the first coffee houses. Coffee shops have been growing in popularity ever since. To enjoy a hot prepared beverage or other coffee drink and to socialize with one’s friends are the high points to coffee culture and why it is beloved by many.

The Organo Gold company is bringing more to the coffee culture of the west with their coffee drinks that are infused with a healthy herb that is native in the east. The Ganoderma herb or mushroom is something that the Organo Gold company adds to all of their beverages and dietary supplements. The herb is crafted within Organo Gold coffee drinks to help those who want to have more benefits within their coffee beverages.

The Ganoderma herb is full of body healthy anti-oxidants and other nutrients that the body needs to be balanced and healthy. The Ganoderma herb mixture into a coffee beverage is the perfect combination to help you put your body in proper management and well being. You can enjoy the benefits of caffeine, the taste of coffee, and have the healthy positive effects of the Ganoderma herb in your morning coffee.

The Organo Gold coffee drinks include a variety of different options. The company sells cafe latte, black ice, black coffee, cafe mocha, cafe supreme, and king of coffee beverages. They are also currently offering a holiday sampler of their different coffee beverages for those who like to partake in trying a few of the different options that the company sells. The products are available on the Organo Gold website or from Organo Gold distributors.

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Freedom Checks: An Investment To Bet On

If you are an investor, more than likely you’re going to want to make sure your investment brings you benefits. Taking your hard-earned money and placing it into an organization takes some time. That said, when it comes to finding a good investment that gives you all the benefits, you’ll find yourself wanting to share that with family and friends. Freedom checks are known to many investors as a sure bet when it comes to investing. If your investment organization currently operates in the oil industry or you are a shareholder, you should be receiving a Freedom Check. These checks were first introduced on the market by a man called Matt Badiali.

He has an extensive background in geology and has taken the time to study how the oil and transportation industry operates. Freedom checks are derived from the revenue created by transportation, storage and oil businesses. Now in order to take part in the Freedom Check program, all revenue up to 90 percent must come from the production of natural resources. In addition to that, all organizations are responsible for passing on revenue to its stakeholders and providing them with Freedom Checks.

A few examples may include Doug smith who lives in Joplin Missouri and received $24,075. Another individual by the name of Lisa Luhrman, 57 years old and from Tulsa Oklahoma will get $66,570. The payments that people are receiving will depend on how much the individual has invested in certain oil company. Badiali showed a video explaining to all that were interested, what type of benefits they can receive from these particular checks. One thing to keep in mind, is that the program is not medicare or social security. These checks are normally much higher than social security benefits.

Freedom Checks issued from Master Limited Partnerships or better known as MLPs. They are publicly traded just as any stock on the exchange. This gives them the opportunity to take in really good tax advantages that these partnerships are entitled to. What this means is that profits will not be taxed until all investors have received their checks.

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David McDonald’s Contribution to OSI Group’s Global Recognition

Since its founding in the early 90’s, OSI Group has undergone tremendous growth. From a humble corner butcher in Chicago to one of globally recognized producer and supplier of meat-based foods ad patties, thanks to the exceptional leadership of David McDonald.

David McDonald’s Contribution to OSI Group’s Growth and Sustainability

OSI Group has its headquarters in Aurora, Illinois and has more than 50 businesses in 17 nations. The company serves globally renowned food outlets such McDonald’s, Subway, Yum, Burger King, Starbucks, and Papa Jones. And for more than two decades, the company has successfully served the Chinese market and is making tremendous progress as a poultry supplier in the Asian country.

Under David, OSI group is anticipating to launch two additional production facilities to bring the total to ten. This expansion comes in the wake of the unveiling a joint-venture with DoYOO Group known as DaOSI.

David McDonald has also managed to propel OSI Group into Europe especially in their production and processing departments. These improvements include a new beef processing plant in the Polish province of Shandong. Furthermore, David oversaw the establishment of a frozen food factory in India. Other expansion programs include penetrating food processing markets in Geneva and Hungary.

OSI Group Acquires Dutch Food-Processing Bigwig, Baho Foods

Dutch-based meat processing company, Baho Foods, has been acquired by OSI Group. The acquisition stretches the company’s [OSI Group] portfolio in the European market. Also, the trade gives the firm full controlling stakes of the reputable meat processor and supplier of deli meats and other patties. That means OSI Group will have full control of all the five subsidiaries in Germany and Netherlands. They include Vital Convenience, Gelderland Frischwaren, Henri Van de Bilt, Q Smart Life, and Bakx Foods.

“Adding Baho Foods under the OSI Group banner gives our company a solid European presence,” said David McDonald. “Boha Foods portfolio and line of products complement OSI Group and strengthens its ability to serve the evolving consumer needs.”

For smooth transition, the management group at Boha Foods will retain their position and work with senior leaders at OSI Group to ensure the company’s growth and future position.

Early Education

David McDonald was born in a Northeastern farm in Iowa. David MacDonald went to Iowa State Uni9versity and obtained a Bachelor’s degree certificate in Animal Science in 1987. He was also honored by the Wallace E. Brown Award Outstanding Senior Award.

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Jim Larkin Knew the Union Was the Answer

When Jim Larkin started pushing to make the union something he could use to get better, he felt his career would depend on the union and everything that the union did. He always made sure to give people the chances they needed for success and that’s how he made a good decision about what he was doing to help others. There were times when Jim Larkin felt it was a good idea to always show people what they could do. It helped them continue growing and helped make Jim Larkin know he did the right thing. Everything that happened was a direct result of the hard work Jim Larkin put into things. The opportunities Jim Larkin had made a difference and made it easier for people to see what could happen if they made the right choices. Jim Larkin always wanted others to see what they could do and how everything could keep getting better.


Between working in Ireland and the United States, Jim Larkin made sure he was doing everything right. He had a lot of hope for the future and that helped him make things better for everyone. He also hoped everything would keep getting better as long as the unions saw success. The unions always looked out for the people and pushed to make it easier for employees who didn’t have a chance in the past. Jim Larkin saw this as his way of making an impact and giving back to others who didn’t know what to do or how they could get help.


Thanks to the hard work he did, people could see positive experiences in the future. They could also get more money from the companies. The union made it so companies couldn’t keep exploiting employees who needed help. They didn’t have to worry any longer about the things that were happening or the problems that people had. While Jim Larkin knew how to make things easier for others, they felt it was important to keep growing and giving back. He followed the tradition people had of helping others and always used that when crusading for the unions.