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Jeunesse Global Y.E.S. Product Line Review

“We are Generation Young” is one of the Jeunesse Global slogans you will see on their “Our Story” webpage. They began at 9 p.m. on September 9, 2009 and reportedly consider the number “9” to be important because it symbolizes longevity that allows people to thrive. They continued their story with the development of the Youth Enhancement System.

The Y.E.S. Product Line

The Y.E.S. line contains a total of 10 products including the AM and PM Essentials. It consists of cosmetic products and supplements in different forms. These formulas provide the following nine benefits:

  1. Skin rejuvenation – The Luminescence product helps the skin retain the elastic look of youth and reduces appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

Skin rejuvenation –

Wrinkle diminishment –

  1. Wrinkle diminishment – This formula is said to work in about two minutes. Instantly Ageless reduces fine lines, wrinkles, pores and undereye puffiness.

Face beatification –

  1. Face beatification – The NV skin-nourishing foundation has APT-200 in it. This product gives the face a professional airbrushed look.

Morning and evening enhancement –

  1. Morning and evening enhancement – Either the AM or PM Essentials replenish the supply of vitamins and minerals the body needs. The Essentials also include a variety of natural herbs.

Energy –

  1. Energy – The Nevo fruit-based energy drinks provide a pick-me-up and contain only 50 calories and no artificial flavors, colors or sweeteners.

Clarity –

  1. Clarity – M1ND, a memory and concentration aid, is made with L-theanine and CERA-Q extracted from silkworm cocoons.

Free radical defense –

  1. Free radical defense – RESERVE is a drink that combats free radicals that could result in skin blemishes or cancer. It has antioxidants in it that come from acai berries, blueberries, concord grapes, resveratrol and more.

Body restoration –

  1. Body restoration – The FINITI product provides a blend of fruit and vegetable extracts that can provide nutrition to the body, especially when travelling.

Balanced fitness –

  1. Balanced fitness – ZEN BODI, otherwise known as ZEN Project 8, is meant to provide a comprehensive weight management program. It includes information about healthy eating and products that burn fat, increase energy and build muscle.

Lime Crime Founder Doe Deere

It is no secret, Lime Crime founder, Doe Deere, is on a mission to revolutionize the beauty industry. With bold hair and bright, expressive makeup, this cult beauty brand proudly promotes unique self-expression.


Being a passionate entrepreneur, the idea for the creation of Lime Crime came about during Doe’s sewing days. In 2004, she registered the eBay ID “limecrime.” While working on her fashion line, and modeling, Doe realized it was difficult to find bright, unusual makeup. Little did she know that early eBay would later take social media by storm.


From that moment on, Doe Deere and her brand were committed to a high set of standards while delivering products no one else can.


Lime Crime is a 100% cruelty-free and vegan-friendly company, certified by PETA and Leaping Bunny. This means the products and ingredients do not include animal products or byproducts, such as beeswax, lanolin, whey, or carmine. Nor are the ingredients or products tested on animals at any time during the production process.


As a dedicated animal activist, working with animal-related charities, it makes sense for Lime Crime to deliver outstanding products that are animal-friendly.


Being a self-made entrepreneur, Doe enjoys inspiring and mentoring young female in the beauty industry. She describes entrepreneurship as a passion. Advising young women to look a the current market in their industry, think about the next innovation you would like to see. Then you have to go out and make it happen.


Doe Deere openly talks about the hills and valleys of growing a business. Lime Crime was born during a vision had while modeling a modeling of a fashion line. Each and every step of the creation of this beloved cult brand, started in the hands of Doe, herself. She has gone from formulating products herself, to building an amazing team of individuals who are dedicated to the same high standards.


The brand follows one main rule: if they do not believe in the product, or do not believe it will work for them, they simply do not make the product. Following this one simple rule helps ensure every product stays on brand while delivering the products no one is.


Before releasing new products to customers, Doe Deere and her team test each product on themselves first. At no point in time are the products or ingredients tested on animals.


When asked about Lime Crime’s unique packaging, Doe explained packaging is just as important as the product itself. The packaging of a product, allows you tell to tell a story that inspires the customers’ to creativity and self-expression.


Next time you do your face, remember to express yourself unapologetically.


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