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Bruce A. Katzen is Awesome!

In the 2019 edition of Best Lawyer in America, they recognized Bruce A. Katzen and his colleagues for their legal excellence. Katzen’s dedication and hard work have granted him a total of nine awards.

Bruce A. Katzen is a successful attorney and chair of Kluger Kaplan’s Trust & Estate’s Litigation Practice Group located in Miami, Florida. Bruce is best known for his triumphs on litigation of probate and commercial litigation. He is well-acquainted with trust and guardian disputes, financial fraud, company purchases and sales disputes, franchise disputes, and life insurance coverage disputes.

Bruce received his education, first from Boston University, then his law degree from the University of Miami School of Law. Katzen spent his initial career days as a certified accountant, which, gave him the knowledge he needed to succeed in the technical finance issues he faces today. As well as being well-informed about finances, Bruce’s clients can trust him to fully immerse himself in every case. He cares deeply about the case he is involved in, even going as far as giving his clients his cell phone number so that they can reach him at any time.

“I’m passionate about prevailing in my clients’ cases. I combine that passion and hard work with my background in accounting and finance to provide a winning formula in financial fraud and complex commercial cases.” – Bruce A. Katzen

Combining Katzen’s history as a certified accountant and his current awards, he is guaranteed to meet every client’s specific needs. They can be confident that Bruce A. Katzen, as their financial attorney, will do everything in his power to lead a successful case.

See How Dr. Saad Has Saved Children Lives through His Medical Inventions

Pediatric surgery is one of the most competitive professions in the medical industry today. However, it is not a profession for the faint but for those who are passionate about it and those who intend to make a great impact in the lives of the patients they come across. Dr. Saad is among the top pediatric surgeons who are accomplished and seasoned. During his career as a surgeon, Saad has thousands of surgical operations he has performed. He is a doctor who main vision is to see the existing procedures and methods improve greatly. Saad, at some point, challenged the status quo to be committed to finding ways to minimize the risks the patients faced and reduce pain.


This pushed Saad to develop various pediatric surgical procedures and he also patented two great inventions. The kind of pediatric surgeries he has performed for over 40 years now is complex. He has operated patients who come from his community and others from different places. Although Saad was mainly committed to helping patients in the U.S community, he also stretched his hand to the young adults and children from Holyland. While he could hold like four Medical Missions in the U.S, Saad could also hold like 8 Medical Missions to West Bank and Jerusalem. In most cases, Saad had compassion on the poor sick children and he performed complex surgeries on them without charging them.


One thing Dr. Saad had decided to do is to create a medical device, which could enable the medical professional locate the catheter without any scan. In most cases, a patient has to go through a scanning machine to know where the catheter is located in the patient’s body. Most patients will benefit a lot from the Saad’s invention since they will not have to undergo MRI scans and X-rays to have the catheter located. The device Saad intends to develop is practical, portable and small. This means the doctors can effectively use in case of emergencies and also in the ICUs where the time for a scan is quite limited. Learn more:


Dr. Saad confirms that features of the device are safe for the patients. As a pediatric surgeon, Saad has done many endoscopies. This helps in ensuring that the foreign bodies like stuck food, needles, marbles and anything else the child may have inhaled or swallowed are removed. Saad has used the device on various patients and it has proved to be the best. As a surgeon in Eatontown, Saad has worked in many hospitals in New Jersey. Some of the hospitals that have benefited from his career expertise include Long Branch Campus, Monmouth Medical Center and the Medical Center of Jersey Shore University. He went at the Medical School at Cairo University where he graduated with a degree in medicine and surgery.