End Citizens United Helping Keep Elections Accountable

The elections in the United States have been a subject of discussion across the globe for many different reasons, one among which being the amount of money spent on U.S. elections. The elections in the United States continue to get fancier with every session, and the corporations are spending considerable amounts to influence the party and the public beyond belief. People have almost stopped thinking independently because the amount of money spent on elections run into hundreds of millions, which can potentially change the mind of anyone. The public is bound to get influenced due to the glamorous election campaigns run by the political candidates and the political party that is backed by corporations.

The Citizens United Vs. Federal Election Commission case in 2010 opened doors for the corporations to spend as much money they want in the elections, and it has been more comfortable for the corporations since then to flood the elections with money. It becomes much easier to influence the elections and its outcome when money is involved. The political candidates can organize lavish election rallies and campaigns with the money the corporations back them. However, one political action committee by the name of End Citizens United, established in 2015 by Tiffany Mueller, has been protesting against the Supreme Court decision in the case mentioned above. End Citizens United wants that Supreme Court retracts its decision of allowing corporations to send an unlimited amount of money on elections without any accountability, and put a cap on how much an entity can spend on elections.

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End Citizens United plans to raise funds close to $35 million in the year 2018 and has already raised around $4 million in the first quarter. End Citizens United wants to back the political candidates who are in support of the change in the campaign finance rules so that the elections are more accountable and can be trusted for its outcome. Some of the political candidates that End Citizens United back are Claire McCaskill, Mazie Hirono, Doug Jones, Chrissy Houlahan, Joaquin Castro, Joseph Crowley, Barbara Lee, Eric Swalwell, and many more. The headquarters of End Citizens United is based in Washington, but it has a network across the country. The people who are interested in supporting the movement started by End Citizens United can donate to their fund through many different ways. End Citizens United only accepts money from the grassroots donors and doesn’t take the corporation’s money.