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Ironically, the premiere NexBank, Dallas based financial institute, has changed course of traditional banking with technologically advanced features. You can ditch the long lines, when you’re trying to cash your checks on Friday’s. You can deposit your check online with a NexBank smartphone app. Their online interface is another popular NexBank feature. Enjoy online user-friendly features are used by thousands of their customers. NexBank has gained over 100,000+ additional customers. Their President, John Holt says, it’s important for him to bring more financial customers to the network than ever before. Trust their responsive team of professionals to help you navigate your account 24 hours a day.


Preferred NexBank Services


– online bill pay

– premium services

– direct deposit


– no fee ATM’s

– safe deposit box

– free checks


Are government student loans the only way you can pay for college? The NexBank financial institute has over 1,300+ college savings programs to help you save. On average, NexBank customers save up to 34 percent on college expenses. Learn more about their tuition savings by visiting their website and selecting the college tab. NexBank is also an equal opportunity housing lender. Join the NexBank financial institute today.