Jeff Herman Speaks To Parents About Childhood Abuse

In today’s America, the importance of educating children in regards to the dangers of sexual predators is an unfortunate necessity that is becoming increasingly evident. Attorney Jeff Herman has long advocated for the rights of sexual abuse victims throughout his career and works tirelessly to provide parents with the resources to protect their children from predators both online and in their immediate environment.

Herman has spoken at length about the importance of parents and other adults being able to recognize the warning signs of sexual abuse in children.

Herman wants parents to understand that children are in no way a match at all for a determined predator. The responsibility is on the adults in the lives of the child to monitor all happenings. Trust is key, and the more comfortable a child is the more likely it is that he or she will be willing to discuss any potential negatives present in their lives.

Jeff Herman also expresses the importance of parents having access to all their children’s online accounts. Herman instructs parents to periodically log into their child’s account to have a good grip on what is happening in their online lives. No adult should have contact with a child without a copy of any messages also reaching a parent or guardian.

Adults that are present in a children’s physical life should also be monitored explains Herman, and adults that seem a little anxious to spend personal time with a child should perhaps be watched closely.

Additionally, Herman has given parents a few direct warning signs that could be cause for concern.

  • Sudden behavioral changes in children that may include acting out sexually through dolls or touching their own private parts.
  • The reappearance of childhood compulsions that had not been present for some time such as the sucking of a thumb or wetting the bed.
  • Unexplained changes in mood or behavior. This could be angry outbursts or depression, as well as disruptions in nightly sleep patterns that could include nightmares. Also, a sudden fear of people or places without an apparent reason could be indicative of a serious problem.
  • Attempts made by a child to hurt themselves is often an attempt to call for help.

About Jeff Herman

Jeff Herman is a prominent attorney headquartered in Florida that fights for the rights of sexual assault victims nationwide. Herman has represented a number of high-profile clients and won major settlements for many that he has represented.