Jeunesse Global: Products to Help You Stay Fit

Jeunesse Global is a worldwide company that was founded on September 9 in 2009. The company offers a wide range of products that are designed to help those who use them look and feel younger. The people at Jeunesse Global want people to feel good about themselves, and their products help enhance a feeling of well being. Jeunesse Global is involved in several philanthropic projects that are devoted to helping children.

At Jeunesse Global, one of the important products that is available is the Zen Bodi line. This is a program that is designed to help those who use it lose weight and keep the weight off in the long run.

The Zen Project 8 system has three important phases called detox, ignite and thrive. In the detox phase, those using the system are encouraged to stop eating and drinking those items that can cause water retention. The goal in this phase is to clean out the impurities in the system. One of the main ways of doing this is by drinking a lot of water. During the detox phase, users will take products like Zen Prime which uses milk thistle and other supplements to cleanse the body.

The second phase in the Zen Project 8 system is ignite. In this phase, it is time to burn fat and start losing weight. Two product used in this phase are Zen Shape capsules and Zen Fuze shakes. In this phase, there is a lot of exercise.

The final phase of Zen Project 8 is thrive. Zen Fit is the product used in this phase. Zen Fit is a fruit punch that is packed with vital amino acids. Zen Fit provides energy, and helps to maintain weight loss.

With the Zen Bodi products, users have the opportunity to lose weight and feel younger. It requires effort. With products from Jeunesse Global, a younger look and feel can happen.

Ted Bauman Professional Contributions to Global Investment Ventures

Ted Bauman is one of the most sought global financial and investment strategists. He has over the years played an important role in overseeing the smooth running of global corporations and government agencies. Although Ted Bauman was born in Maryland USA, he later relocated to South Africa for his undergraduate studies. He studied economics, history and political science in the Cape Town University. His actions are propelled by the desire to help economically disadvantaged groups attain an improved quality of life through financial empowerment. While in South Africa, he used his financial skills to coordinate the introduction of economic and social reforms during the post-apartheid period.

He has also worked with the United Nations and the World Bank where he was charged with the role of creating low-cost housing projects models. He also moved to Latin America, Asia and African countries where he has worked for many government agencies. After moving back in the USA, he joined the Banyan Hill Publishing group and serves as the senior editor. Since 2013, he is credited for introducing innovative products and services. Ted introduced the Bauman Latter, ETF trading platforms, Alpha Stock alerts, and Plan B Club. The services and products offered by Ted Bauman are valuable in areas such as low-risk investment strategies, assets protection, international migration issues, wealth accumulation, and other strategies. Consequently, many people have been able to engage in successful business ventures.

Ted Bauman Contributions to the Society

Other than offering coaching services on investment strategies, Ted Bauman employs leadership and investment skills to transform the society positively. He launched the Slum Dwellers International with the hope of changing the lives of many slum dwellers. His efforts have yielded positive results as the group has helped more than 14 million individuals and have active operations in more than 34 countries. The move has allowed low-income families to access decent housing and bridge the income inequality gap. The Bauman Letter also serves as one of the platforms where he empowers the readers on ways that they can accumulate wealth. He holds the view that through economic empowerment, people can register a better quality of life as well as eradicate many social problems.

Dherbs: Changing Your Body with a Cleanse

New year’s resolutions are meant for us to clean the slate and better our health in some way. They give us the strength to take on something we have been putting off for nearly years. Our health is the most often the center of our worlds and it can be a struggle to change it. A new year can mean a new beginning, so why not jump on the chance to try a health trend that seems to be working. Dherbs is a new and exciting full body cleanse even Hollywood stars are getting benefits from. A. D Dolphin, an expert and health guru, has continued in his career to aid celebrities in cleansing their bodies of toxins. He is responsible for the many waistlines that have transformed from large to healthy. As a wellness specialist to stars such as Steve Harvey, Anthony Anderson and Niecey Nash.

Dherbs gives the body a new lease on life and helps you regain your focus. It’s known for reducing irritants in the body that often linger in all of our organs. Wipe your body’s slate and take on a cleanse in your next new year’s resolution for the upcoming year. We are subjected to ingest pesticides and toxins that can be in our air supply. Technology now keeps food on the shelf longer and this can, in fact, harm our bodies even more. A good cleanse will allow the body to release contaminants that effect our health. There are such things as airborne contaminants most people are unaware of.

The Dherbs cleanse is no different if you were trying to maintain the health of your car. It’s something you that you have to do in order to keep your car going. A great cleanse can do the same thing. Your bloodstream, live, lungs and other organs can get flushed out and allow you to start brand new.

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InnovaCare Health and Dr. Rick Shinto are defining the Health Industry through Industrial Leading Standards

Dr. Rick Shinto is a leading expert in the medical industry who has proven to be active more than what other experts in the medical industry have been able to do. His role at InnovaCare Health, where she has been working for a significant period has proved to be that of an expert who has played a crucial role in the progress of the organization. The facility has shown to offer unmatched expertise which makes it stand as one of the leading medical facility in the industry. The experienced medical and healthcare expert uses some of the most advanced skills to manage the organization to the point where it is giving some of the best services in the industry.


Mr. Shinto is not only focused on ensuring that InnovaCare Health provides some of the best medical services in the industry but is focused on making sure that the results being generated by the entity remain on par with those offered by the leading medical facilities around the country. Over the period, InnovaCare Health has been able to provide therapeutic results that have stunned the industry. The institution has been able to use advanced tools and equipment, with the aim of helping the increasing number of sick individuals to solve their challenges at the facility. For more details you can visit


Currently, InnovaCare Health is one of the leading health facility that is offering industry-leading best practices that cannot be matched by any other medical facility in the area. Dr. Rick Shinto has been helping the facility to maintain high standards of the services being offered, which includes customized medical services and incorporation of advanced methods in various organizational practices. The institution has proven with time that most of the services provided at the institution offer proven results and unmatched expertise, which is mostly exhibited by the staff members working at the facility.


About InnovaCare Health

InnovaCare Health is a medical facility that is setting the standards in the industry by ensuring that most of its services offer proven results, which has been a rare case in the gesture in the medical industry. The facility has been using advanced methods to provide quality services in the industry. Most of the patients visiting this institution get customized treatment services which address their specific needs rather than the general treatments which are offered at the mainstream medical facilities around the country. The facility provides industry’s best practices that one cannot get anywhere else in the country. You can checkout for more details.



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Bruce A. Katzen is Awesome!

In the 2019 edition of Best Lawyer in America, they recognized Bruce A. Katzen and his colleagues for their legal excellence. Katzen’s dedication and hard work have granted him a total of nine awards.

Bruce A. Katzen is a successful attorney and chair of Kluger Kaplan’s Trust & Estate’s Litigation Practice Group located in Miami, Florida. Bruce is best known for his triumphs on litigation of probate and commercial litigation. He is well-acquainted with trust and guardian disputes, financial fraud, company purchases and sales disputes, franchise disputes, and life insurance coverage disputes.

Bruce received his education, first from Boston University, then his law degree from the University of Miami School of Law. Katzen spent his initial career days as a certified accountant, which, gave him the knowledge he needed to succeed in the technical finance issues he faces today. As well as being well-informed about finances, Bruce’s clients can trust him to fully immerse himself in every case. He cares deeply about the case he is involved in, even going as far as giving his clients his cell phone number so that they can reach him at any time.

“I’m passionate about prevailing in my clients’ cases. I combine that passion and hard work with my background in accounting and finance to provide a winning formula in financial fraud and complex commercial cases.” – Bruce A. Katzen

Combining Katzen’s history as a certified accountant and his current awards, he is guaranteed to meet every client’s specific needs. They can be confident that Bruce A. Katzen, as their financial attorney, will do everything in his power to lead a successful case.

Dick DeVos Is An Aviation Enthusiast And Entrepreneur Who Has Done A Lot For Grand Rapids, Michigan

Most people don’t realize that both Betsy and Dick Devos are now working in Washington. The new US Education Secretary has been sweeping the nation with reforms and educational choice, but it was just in September 2017 when her husband joined her on Capitol Hill. Now Dick Devos will be working with the Federal Aviation Administration in a step that many in the industry praised despite him never being an airline executive or transportation authority.


What makes Devos such a great choice for the council? For one, he has been a pilot for many years, and he has a passion for aviation. He is also legendary for his work and partnership with the CEO of the Gerald R. Ford International Airport in Grand Rapids. It all started back in the 1990s when Devos was working as the CEO and President of Amway. He wanted to work on other projects in his hometown that would affect change and grow the city’s commerce.


He saw plenty of opportunities, but the airport, which had been around since the early 1900s, was a major part of his plan. He wanted people to look at Grand Rapids as a business travel destination and a key airport in between international flights through the United States. He began working with the airport in 1999 at the time of the airport’s re-launch. Ticket growth was still down, so Devos talked to his colleague, the CEO of Air Tran Airways. He convinced the CEO to open up new terminals at the airport, including flights to Orlando, St. Louis, Las Vegas, and Denver. The new flights were such a success that the airport was able to expand a bit more.


However, there were some dark times. When Air Tran Airways was purchased by Southwest, there were fears that the airport would close down terminals because of poor growth. Devos called up the CEO of Southwest and talked to him about the future of the airport and further growth opportunities that were still on the horizon for the airport. IT turns out that he was right. The airport didn’t lose any terminals and continued to grow until it needed a huge expansion, which it received in 2018. The expansion would cost $45 million but would bring about a new business traveler center and food court upgrades.


It’s these savvy business decisions that made Dick Devos a legend in aviation business and what got him appointed to the council. He will now meet with the council every quarter to talk about policies, regulations, budgets, and future growth.


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Rocketship Mission Expands

In 2006, Rocketship began their mission with opening K-5 charter schools in San Jose, California. These schools want to do more than deliver an elementary education but a college preparatory one. They serve children from an low-income and diverse neighborhood, which means typically 90% free lunch and 75% English as a Second Language.

Their mission and philosophy is to eliminate the achievement gap and help students get the opportunity to go to college. Through a unique blend on traditional classroom instruction and adaptive learning technology, students receive a cutting-edge experience and excellent educational experience. Some of the individualized tech that Rocketship currently uses I-Ready, Dreambox Learning, and Accelerated Reader 360.

Rocketship believes that schools can do more than education, but they can transform the communities. Through their volunteer and community engagement activities, they have reinvested in their communities, especially when disaster strikes. They fully understand that the home lives need to be stable to encourage their students academic success.

This success is catching on, and Rocketship has expanded from California to Nashville. They have been approved to open schools in other areas, like Washington, DC and New Orleans. In 2017, Rocketship expects to serve approximately 25,000 students. The success is spreading!

Rocketship hopes to create more than just a college bound person but a good human being. One way is through their core value and one activity that caught on was “gratitude grams.” For seven days, students were given a half sheet of paper with a person’s name on it. The student was to write a sentence of appreciation, thanking the student for something they did. The gratitude spread and helped to create a positive culture. A community of positive culture and creating a safe environmental are two ways that Rocketship helps to encourage students to come to school and stay in school.

Freedom Checks: An Investment To Bet On

If you are an investor, more than likely you’re going to want to make sure your investment brings you benefits. Taking your hard-earned money and placing it into an organization takes some time. That said, when it comes to finding a good investment that gives you all the benefits, you’ll find yourself wanting to share that with family and friends. Freedom checks are known to many investors as a sure bet when it comes to investing. If your investment organization currently operates in the oil industry or you are a shareholder, you should be receiving a Freedom Check. These checks were first introduced on the market by a man called Matt Badiali.

He has an extensive background in geology and has taken the time to study how the oil and transportation industry operates. Freedom checks are derived from the revenue created by transportation, storage and oil businesses. Now in order to take part in the Freedom Check program, all revenue up to 90 percent must come from the production of natural resources. In addition to that, all organizations are responsible for passing on revenue to its stakeholders and providing them with Freedom Checks.

A few examples may include Doug smith who lives in Joplin Missouri and received $24,075. Another individual by the name of Lisa Luhrman, 57 years old and from Tulsa Oklahoma will get $66,570. The payments that people are receiving will depend on how much the individual has invested in certain oil company. Badiali showed a video explaining to all that were interested, what type of benefits they can receive from these particular checks. One thing to keep in mind, is that the program is not medicare or social security. These checks are normally much higher than social security benefits.

Freedom Checks issued from Master Limited Partnerships or better known as MLPs. They are publicly traded just as any stock on the exchange. This gives them the opportunity to take in really good tax advantages that these partnerships are entitled to. What this means is that profits will not be taxed until all investors have received their checks.

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What Tempus Plans To Do With The Capital Raised In The Series E Financing Round

Tempus Inc. is a Chicago data analytics firm worth about $2 billion. It was co-founded by notable tech entrepreneur Eric Lefkofsky in 2015. When someone close to him was diagnosed with cancer a few years before one of the most noticeable things for him was that there was a lack of data when it came to determining what treatment option would be best for them. He decided to build a company that would collect both clinical and molecular data and then have a database analyze this data. The goal is to help doctors treat cancer in a more evidence-based fashion.

Eric Lefkofsky is also the CEO of Tempus. He announced on August 29th that its Series E financing round raised $110 million. This round of funding was led by the UK’s Baillee Gifford. Other investors included Revolution Growth, T. Rowe Price, and New Enterprise Associates as well as other existing investors.Since Tempus was established three years ago it has partnered with 250 American hospital systems. They have collected over 2 million clinical records from these partners to help with cancer treatment options.

They plan to use the money raised in the Series E financing round to expand into other health concerns like diabetes and cardiovascular disease. Eric Lefkofsky says that his company will also move beyond the United States and start offering their services in Europe, Australia, and Asia.Once a technology company is worth more than $1 billion it is referred to as a “unicorn”. There are around 200 unicorns worldwide with 100 of those being in the United States. In the Chicago area, where Tempus is based, the other unicorns included SMS Assist, Avant, Uptake Technologies, and ExteNet. Tempus now employees 500 people and that will steadily expand as the company is experiencing rapid growth.

David McDonald’s Contribution to OSI Group’s Global Recognition

Since its founding in the early 90’s, OSI Group has undergone tremendous growth. From a humble corner butcher in Chicago to one of globally recognized producer and supplier of meat-based foods ad patties, thanks to the exceptional leadership of David McDonald.

David McDonald’s Contribution to OSI Group’s Growth and Sustainability

OSI Group has its headquarters in Aurora, Illinois and has more than 50 businesses in 17 nations. The company serves globally renowned food outlets such McDonald’s, Subway, Yum, Burger King, Starbucks, and Papa Jones. And for more than two decades, the company has successfully served the Chinese market and is making tremendous progress as a poultry supplier in the Asian country.

Under David, OSI group is anticipating to launch two additional production facilities to bring the total to ten. This expansion comes in the wake of the unveiling a joint-venture with DoYOO Group known as DaOSI.

David McDonald has also managed to propel OSI Group into Europe especially in their production and processing departments. These improvements include a new beef processing plant in the Polish province of Shandong. Furthermore, David oversaw the establishment of a frozen food factory in India. Other expansion programs include penetrating food processing markets in Geneva and Hungary.

OSI Group Acquires Dutch Food-Processing Bigwig, Baho Foods

Dutch-based meat processing company, Baho Foods, has been acquired by OSI Group. The acquisition stretches the company’s [OSI Group] portfolio in the European market. Also, the trade gives the firm full controlling stakes of the reputable meat processor and supplier of deli meats and other patties. That means OSI Group will have full control of all the five subsidiaries in Germany and Netherlands. They include Vital Convenience, Gelderland Frischwaren, Henri Van de Bilt, Q Smart Life, and Bakx Foods.

“Adding Baho Foods under the OSI Group banner gives our company a solid European presence,” said David McDonald. “Boha Foods portfolio and line of products complement OSI Group and strengthens its ability to serve the evolving consumer needs.”

For smooth transition, the management group at Boha Foods will retain their position and work with senior leaders at OSI Group to ensure the company’s growth and future position.

Early Education

David McDonald was born in a Northeastern farm in Iowa. David MacDonald went to Iowa State Uni9versity and obtained a Bachelor’s degree certificate in Animal Science in 1987. He was also honored by the Wallace E. Brown Award Outstanding Senior Award.

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