OSI Group Becomes one of the World’s Leading Food Providers

Entrepreneurship is not a casual endeavor. Therefore, building a successful business means devoting yourself to the objective you plan to accomplish in the company. Irrespective of the challenges you might encounter while handling your business, setting it aside is not a solution. It can lead it to a slippery slope. For that reason, it is crucial to organize yourself by setting clear goals and dedicating yourself to the fruition of your ideas. Perhaps the case of OSI Group fits the example of a company that was started on a shaky foundation but gained stability over time.

Describing OSI Group

OSI Group is an American-based company that manufactures meat products. The firm was started in 1909 by Otto Kolschowsky, an immigrant from German. He settled in Chicago before starting the small business that supplied meat to the populace. With time, he learned that there was a growing demand for meat and animal protein. Therefore, he moved the business to Maywood, Chicago. This is a suburb with a more significant population. As the market grew, technology advanced. The company would later adapt Cryogenic food processing for meat preservation. With time, Otto and his sons became prominent for supplying quality meats.

Different Inventions

Throughout its growth and development, OSI Group experienced some economic changes after the World War I and II. Modern suburbs also started sprouting across different cities. Most companies spent time indulging in innovations unleashed in various sectors. Consequently, a new alliance was formed. Otto Kolshowksy continued to expand his family business by incorporating new ideas into the company.

Growth and Development

Ray Kroc went ahead to open a McDonald’s restaurant in Des Plaines. While at it, he also served as a franchise agent for the co-founders of McDonald’s businesses. The branch at Des Plaines marked the first expansion step towards growing the franchise model. This was a new concept in America. Before delving into that project, he signed a contract with Mr. Kolschowsky and his sons. They were going to be the first suppliers of fresh beef to the fast food restaurant. That business deal marked the onset of global expansion for the manufacturing firm.

Global Expansion

In the next two decades, Otto and Sons started transitioning into an international food provider of meat. Through some core elements borrowed from Kroc’s business, Otto managed to supply the required products to different clients. That grew the business. The clients were satisfied. Today, the company goes by the name of OSI Group. It is a leading food services provider across the world.

Dr. Mark McKenna and OVME Harnessing Technology in Medicine

Passion is a driving force for one to become successful in life and what he or she does. One field which requires the utmost passion and dedication is the field of medicine. For one to succeed here, he or she must remain focused and have clear goals. Additionally, such an individual needs to be patient since it takes many years for on to make a name in the medical field. Perhaps one person has achieved this in his lifetime and continues to do wonders. The name of the person is Dr. Mark McKenna. He happens to a career doctor licensed by the Georgia and Florida State Board of Medical Examiners. That is not all. He does his work with a lot of passion and dedication and happens to be a strong advocate for the patients.

Dr. Mark McKenna graduated from Tulane Medical University and immediately started to work with his dad. Here, he was in a position to gain a lot of knowledge required in his career. It is at this time that the career doctor founded the McKenna Venture Investments. This is a premier real estate firm which is transforming the real estate business in the nation. His desire to succeed in business made him go a step further and acquire other firms such as Universal Mortgage Lending and Uptown Title, Inc. Through such acquisitions, Dr. Mark McKenna gained a significant grip in the real estate sector. These companies are growing rapidly providing job opportunities to many people. The firms are involved in the arranging of finances, design and building various properties in the country.

Towards the end of the year 2007, Dr. Mark McKenna moved to Atlanta. In this new location, he helped to found and build OVME. To maintain a tight grip on the new enterprise, Dr. Mark McKenna became its Chief Executive Officer. The company provides a digital platform which is connecting many people to the providers of a variety of health services across the world. It harnesses technology through web-based applications and mobile technology to appeal to a majority of its clients. OVME has redefined the make-up industry and clients can seek its services to make their skin and faces appear younger and healthier.


Softbank Looks to Acquire Fortress Investment Group

On a regular basis in the business world, there are a number of acquisitions. Many of these often make sense in terms of providing benefits for two or more parties. Compaines look to merge in order to increase their value, get more assets and also grow and expand. There are also times when mergers and acquisitions do not make much sense to outsiders but are practical for the internal parties involved. The most recent example of this is on where the Japanese company Softbank has acquired Fortress Investment Group. According to sources, Softbank has recently acquired Fortress Investment Group for a total sum of $3.3 billion.

Softbank was founded in 1981 in Japan as a wholesaler of personal computers. It would later expand into a company that would acquire numerous technology companies that provide a wide range of technical services to customers. Due to it being a large conglomerate, the company has always looked to expand its holdings to other companies in a variety of industries. Fortress Investment Group is another company that has always looked to improve on its expansion throughout the world. Due to the common goals of both companies, they both decided to complete a merger which will help them reach their respective goals in the future.

Fortress Investment Group was founded in 1998 by former attorney Randal Nardone and finance professional Wes Edens. The two of them gradually built the firm into one of the leading asset management firms in the world. Over the course of the firm’s history, it would provide management of valuable assets such as hedge funds, real estate and private equity securities. During the last two decades, the firm would look to further expand itself to a number of markets in Europe, Africa, Asia and the Middle East. Despite being acquired by Softbank, Fortress Investment Group will continue to operate as it normally does.

Over the course of the last couple of years, Softbank executives were looking to acquire a company that specialized in financial management. It believed that it would need to ally itself with such a company so that it can become another top investment firm. Therefore it decided to acquire Fortress in order to achieve its latest objective.

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Alex Pall And The History Of The Chainsmokers

Alex Pall is part of an EDM due called The Chainsmokers. They came out with their breakthrough hit, “#Selfie” in 2015. The song was in the top 10 in singles lists throughout the world. The song had also rocketed them up into the U.S. Billboard Hot 100. iHeart Radio has given them five awards for their talents.

DJing was never new to Alex Pall; he had been DJing for his whole life. He was working alongside another DJ named Rhett Bixler. However, Bixler left and there was a need for another DJ to take his place. The manager, Adam Alpert, told Andrew Taggart about the opportunity. At the time, Taggart lived in the state of Maine. He took transit down to New York to take advantage of the opportunity.

At the time that Alex Pall met Andrew Taggart, Andrew Pall was attending New York University. He was studying the topics of music business and art history. Andrew Taggart was in New York City because he was an intern at Interscope Records. He was a student at Syracuse University.

Andrew joined the duo in 2012. From then on out, they created great music and gained as much experience as possible. In 2012, they worked with Priyanka Chopra, an Indian singer, and came out with an album in 2013.

Alex Pall has been very prosperous through his pursuits as a DJ of EDM music. What really proves his success is that he was able to afford a house in Hollywood Hills. A recent article from the Wall Street journal talks about his lovely home. Built in the thirties, the home has a bungalow feel. However, more features were added to it over the years. Additions from the past 30 years make the house appear a bit industrial.

An interesting development has been an increase in the types of people who listen to them. They have been quite popular with people who are younger than their original audience.


The Chainsmokers: A Path to Success

The Chainsmokers are Alex Pall and Andrew Taggart, two DJs working together to form a band. They produce as well.

Pall and Taggart were introduced in 2012 by mutual friend and band manager Adam Alpert, who knew both men and knew they were both DJs. Pall was looking for a partner for the Chainsmokers and Alpert felt they would work well together. He was right and the chemistry between Pall and Taggart was quick and easy. Soon enough Taggart had moved from his native Maine to New York, where Pall was, and the two quit their respective jobs and began rehearsing full-time.

After they spent well over a year perfecting their synergy and style, they played their first live show at Terminal 5 in September of 2014 as the opening act for Timeflies. After a successful show and a positive response, the Chainsmokers began releasing recorded material.

They began with a pair of EPs, “Bouquet” and “Collage.” In 2017 they released their first full-length LP entitled “Memories…Do Not Open.” It was a fast success, topping both the Top 200 and Dance/Electronic charts at Billboard at the same time. The album is still a regular at the top of the Dance/Electronic chart. “Memories” is tied with “Demon Days” from the Gorillaz for the third most non-consecutive weeks at the number one spot on that chart. Since “Demon Days” took 13 years to get that many weeks, it is likely that “Memories” will surpass it in the near future, as the album is still a staple at clubs and on the radio.

After “Memories…Do Not Open” the Chainsmokers released another EP, “Sick Boy“, and has announced their second LP is in the works with a likely release date of late 2018 or early 2019.

In between albums and EPs the Chainsmokers have released numerous free singles through their website. These songs are ones the duo feels stand better alone than on an album of different sounding tracks. The Chainsmokers like to splice different genres of music into these singles, showcasing their diverse interests and intentions to grow as musicians.


Nature’s Perfect Water: Waiakea Water

Imagine if there were a perfect water available to support the body and help maintain optimal hydration and pH levels? Wouldn’t that water be worth a second look? Now, there is the perfect water available for the human body. The name of the water is Waiakea. CEO and founder of Waiakea Water, Ryan Emmons started the company in 2012 after visiting his uncle’s property. He tasted the pure water that runs off the Mauna Loa volcano and wished to share the Hawaii volcanic water with the world.

Mr. Emmons is very eco friendly, so Waiakea Water was started with that thought in mind. The company recieved the first carbon neutral rating ever for a beverage company. Waiakea Water is packaged in plastic bottles that will compost in a fraction of the time it takes traditional packaging with 85% less manufacturing time. Even the water is a highly renewable resource as it rains in the Mauna Loa region 360 days a year. The water is naturally filtered through 14,000 feet of volcanic rock before it is bottled.

So in addition to being very eco conscious, Waiakea Water is very good for human consumption. The Waiakea Water pH rate is slightly alkaline at 8.2%, which is what the body needs to help aid in neutralizing acid. It has been found, over time, that the volcanic water has benefits to those suffering from ulcers and digestion issues such as GERD or heartburn. The water also contains a daily dose of Silica, which has been found beneficial to slow the signs of aging and decreases the risk of Alzheimer’s disease.

In addition to the “zero” carbon footprint on the earth and health benefits of the water, Waiakea Water gives back in a big way. The company donates water for every liter purchased to the rural towns in Africa. Waiakea has been partnering with Pump Aid to bring wells and extra water to rural third world towns that have no immediate water. To read more about Waiakea Water, please click here.


Betsy DeVos and Unsurpassed Care

Betsy DeVos doesn’t let unfamiliarity get in the way of her aspirations in this life. She’s never been one to let uncertainty hold her back. She doesn’t live in fear of uncharted waters at all. She’s a prominent American activist, philanthropist, mother, wife and Secretary of Education. Tackling all of these roles at the same time doesn’t exactly intimidate her, either. It doesn’t even scare her husband. Dick DeVos is familiar with the concept of juggling numerous major responsibilities simultaneously. It’s something he does himself on a nonstop basis.


“Elisabeth Prince” has been serious about tireless work for her entire life. She watched in awe as her father managed all sorts of business aims. Edgar Prince was an entrepreneur who set an amazing example for DeVos and for many other people who were part of her Michigan community. DeVos received many positive memories thanks to her parents. She took those positive memories to Calvin College as well. People who went to this school may have fond memories of the young DeVos and of all of her activism work. Nothing is different about her nowadays.


DeVos has a rapport with President Donald Trump that may be hard for people who are on the outside to grasp. The President thinks the world of this educational whirlwind. He verified that opinion by supplying her with this incredible opportunity in the first place. DeVos isn’t someone who gets lucky with opportunities, though. She’s someone who makes opportunities possible.


The Dick and Betsy DeVos Family Foundation has made a strong impact in the United States. It’s been a source of pure excellence since its debut back at the end of the eighties. Dick and Betsy created it in 1989. They’ve been working on the charitable group ever since as well. They frequently rely on the organization for all kinds of donation applications. Betsy feels her best when she’s thinking about other people. She wants people who do well in the arts to have openings for their careers. She wants people who work in the educational field to have access to all of the greatest and most relevant resources, too.


DeVos does a lot more than simply chat about educational choice and why it’s vital in modern America. She makes praising educational choice one of her primary missions in this world. People can lean on her any time they want to learn more about the critical subject.


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Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi: One Of The Longest Serving Employees Of Bradesco Bank

Bradesco Bank is considered as one of Brazil’s leading financial institutions. The company has a growing number of assets, and the recent growth of the company is attributed to their former president, Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi, who recently retired from the post. He served from 2009 to 2018, and his leadership is considered as one of the most competitive in the company’s history.

He held different positions during his five-decade stay within the company, and through the reforms that he introduced; Bradesco Bank became one of the largest and leading banks in Brazil. The company is currently competing with their rival bank, Itau Unibanco.

Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi started working with Bradesco Bank at the age of 17 years old, and he accepted the job as a bank clerk to support his studies. He enrolled himself at the FFLCH – USP Foundation School of Sociology and Politics of Sao Paulo, and he hard to work to excel in school and at work. When he finished attending the university, he started to focus on being an employee of Bradesco Bank. He showed his superiors that he deserved to be promoted, and when they noticed his hard work, they decided to give him the position as the marketing director of Bradesco Bank. He was already 32 years old when he was promoted to the position, but it did not stop him from doing the best out of his position. He befriended the media and asked them to publish all positive stories about the company. Through his position, he was able to generate a favorable opinion about Bradesco Bank.

Read more: Bradesco anuncia novo presidente: Octavio de Lazari Junior vai substituir Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi

Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi was soon promoted to become the CEO of a Bradesco Bank subsidiary known as Bradesco Vide e Previdencia. It was a challenge for him to make sure that he does what his superiors wanted from him, in return for the promotion that was given to him. He was able to do a great job of being a CEO, and he was promoted to become the executive vice president of the whole company in 1999. During this period, he was able to control a quarter of the insurance market in Brazil. The board of directors at Bradesco Bank was impressed about his capabilities, and he was ultimately chosen to become the next president after his predecessor decided to retire in 2009. Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi will soon be known as the man who purchased HSBC Brazil for $5.2 billion.

Check more about Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi: http://www.valor.com.br/financas/5153264/bradesco-novo-presidente-saira-do-corpo-executivo-afirma-trabuco

Financial Can Help You

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The Brown Modeling Agency, Professional Actors and Models

In the Austin, Texas area, The Brown Agency stands out as one of the leading full-service agencies for modeling and acting. They focus on commercial print, film, television and fashion. In the Spring of 2010, The Brown Agency came to Austin as a commercial talent and modeling agency. The agency grew fast, becoming an industry leader with goals of creating high standards in the modeling and acting world.


Their expectations have been rewarded by some of the largest brands in the world using their talented models. Thousands have seen their models in ads from Dell, Loreal, Louis Vuitton, Toyota and many other famous and well-known companies. The Brown Agency models have been on runways in New York, Dallas for Fashion Week as well as in Miami for their famous Miami Swim Week.


Many people have heard the President of the agency, Justin Brown, claim that the agency is only as good as their talent. Justin says that he takes the raw talent of these models and preps them for the larger market by training them and improving their style. He delivers elegant, dependable and professional models to the world.


Justin Brown knows what it is to be a model. He started out modeling “skinny Jeans”, working his way through college. It paid a lot better than his $6 dollar an hour job at the golf course. He was making $100 an hour instead. He learned all about the modeling trade from having many different positions in the modeling field. Justin’s passion was more in what happened behind the scenes. After having many different positions, Justin landed a spot in development and placement. While at Wilhelmina Brown agency, he trained talented models to become pros. Most of his models then went on to be runway models, in ads, films or newsprint.




Wilhelmina Austin merged with Heyman Talent-South, and that’s how The Brown Agency was established. Justin Brown is the president and CEO of The Brown Agency, and Michael Bonnee, from Talent-South will give his expertise in the theatrical division of The Brown Agency.


Michael Bonnee said he was grateful and thrilled to be joining The Brown Agency. He feels that the combined talent of models and actors will give all their clients and talents a wider range of opportunities. Justin Brown feels that Austin is the greatest place for growth and opportunities for all concerned. He loves Austin and is pleased that The Brown Agency is considered one of the best and talented producing agencies in Texas.


Merging the two agencies gives both the clients and the talent a larger field to choose from. As one of the most exciting and successful acting agencies in Austin, Heyman Talent-South, enjoys the opportunities for both their clients and their acting talent. The Brown Agency can now offer their clients talented actors as well as professional models. Visit their Instagram page.