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The Impact of Organo Gold

Organo Gold is a company on a mission to bring health and wellness to people across the globe. For nearly a decade Organo has been focused on using their premium product to help people achieve well-being and balance in their lives. Organo focuses its energy on three primary areas which include beverages nutraceuticals and personal care products. Using a unique distribution system this company has made an impact on customers all around the world.

Organo Gold focuses on including the herb Ganoderma. Ganoderma has been used in Asian cultures for years. It is known to have many health benefits which include helping to regulate cholesterol, blood pressure and overall immune system health. Organo includes this herb in it’s coffee. As a result they have taken of the most popular drinks on the planet and made it even healthier. Ganoderma can also be found in other Organo beverages which include teas, lattes and hot chocolates.

Organo does not stop with beverages. This company produces a number of personal care products that have become major hits with customers. Oragno produces a soap that is called G3 Beauty Soap. This product is great at cleansing and moisturizing the skin. Furthermore it is known for having several antioxidant-boosting ingredients which include but are not limited to Seed Oil, and Organic Ganoderma Lucidum. Another personal care product that has been a major hit is Organo’s OG Smile toothpaste. This amazing product keeps your teeth refreshed and white.

Organo has also mastered body management products. In particular this company has two great body management supplements: Ganoderma Mycelium and Fenix XT. Fenix XT is perhaps the most popular product. This energy drink is known for boosting energy, stamina and providing hydration.

Organo Gold is committed to making a global impact. With their array of products and innovative approach they should continue making an impact for years to come.

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