The Brown Modeling Agency, Professional Actors and Models

In the Austin, Texas area, The Brown Agency stands out as one of the leading full-service agencies for modeling and acting. They focus on commercial print, film, television and fashion. In the Spring of 2010, The Brown Agency came to Austin as a commercial talent and modeling agency. The agency grew fast, becoming an industry leader with goals of creating high standards in the modeling and acting world.


Their expectations have been rewarded by some of the largest brands in the world using their talented models. Thousands have seen their models in ads from Dell, Loreal, Louis Vuitton, Toyota and many other famous and well-known companies. The Brown Agency models have been on runways in New York, Dallas for Fashion Week as well as in Miami for their famous Miami Swim Week.


Many people have heard the President of the agency, Justin Brown, claim that the agency is only as good as their talent. Justin says that he takes the raw talent of these models and preps them for the larger market by training them and improving their style. He delivers elegant, dependable and professional models to the world.


Justin Brown knows what it is to be a model. He started out modeling “skinny Jeans”, working his way through college. It paid a lot better than his $6 dollar an hour job at the golf course. He was making $100 an hour instead. He learned all about the modeling trade from having many different positions in the modeling field. Justin’s passion was more in what happened behind the scenes. After having many different positions, Justin landed a spot in development and placement. While at Wilhelmina Brown agency, he trained talented models to become pros. Most of his models then went on to be runway models, in ads, films or newsprint.




Wilhelmina Austin merged with Heyman Talent-South, and that’s how The Brown Agency was established. Justin Brown is the president and CEO of The Brown Agency, and Michael Bonnee, from Talent-South will give his expertise in the theatrical division of The Brown Agency.


Michael Bonnee said he was grateful and thrilled to be joining The Brown Agency. He feels that the combined talent of models and actors will give all their clients and talents a wider range of opportunities. Justin Brown feels that Austin is the greatest place for growth and opportunities for all concerned. He loves Austin and is pleased that The Brown Agency is considered one of the best and talented producing agencies in Texas.


Merging the two agencies gives both the clients and the talent a larger field to choose from. As one of the most exciting and successful acting agencies in Austin, Heyman Talent-South, enjoys the opportunities for both their clients and their acting talent. The Brown Agency can now offer their clients talented actors as well as professional models. Visit their Instagram page.